Lightfeather is a small white mare, with white feathers. She has a white mane and tail. Her tail is ringlet.


Lightfeather is a sweet and kind mare, with a sensitive nature (in a good way).

Lightfeather is good and well cared mother to Star. She even was able to give up her life to save him.


  • Lightfeather is Star's dam, and died shortly after her colt was born.
  • Her dam was killed by a bear.
  • Her herd of origin is Snow Herd, and she is Icewing's filly, meaning Icewing is Star's grandsire and is his only female descendant.
  • She's Frostfire's half-sister, as they both had the same sire, Iceriver.
  • When Star was born dead, she nursed him back to life by rubbing his chest and biting his ear really hard.
  • Lightfeather whispered secrets into Star's ears, which helps him later throughout the books. Star often recalls her voice in his ears, repeating her secret, "Heal them."
  • The stories about Lightfeather are Morningleaf's favorites.
  • When she was with foal, she was abandoned by the herds and was forced to migrate by herself through a thunderstorm.
    • It is unknown why she was abandoned.
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